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15 Years Focusing on Formative Assessment


Progress Testing has been focused on providing formative assessment item banks to schools and districts for over 15 years. Formative assessment is what we do. Our company does not make textbooks or workbooks, nor are we summative assessment providers who thought we would dabble in something else.

We have always known that good data is the first step in improving student outcomes. We support responsible and responsive testing with progress monitoring materials that yield actionable results for teachers. Tests made from our item banks are valid and reliable, which means you can trust the results and take action to improve teaching and learning.

In the NCLB era, Progress Testing predominantly serviced the formative needs of Florida and Texas school districts. Study after psychometric study proved our banks were truly the best of breed — large amounts of high-quality content at a price that every district could afford, to which hundreds of districts can attest.

Today, we continue that tradition with our ReadiBank. With over 110,000 items, there is plenty of highly rigorous content to meet all of your district’s assessment needs. The 9th largest school district in America used the ReadiBank during the 2014-2015 school year, so you can be sure it’s ready for your district.

How does Progress Testing achieve such excellent statistics? Because formative assessment is all we do, and our item development process is optimized to produce the best content. Because we are educators, too, we always offer the highest-quality content at the lowest cost.



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