Career and Technical Education


65,000 Assessment Items

The CTE bank is comprised of 65,000 assessment items that cover almost every grade and subject. Originally developed by The School District of Hillsborough County, FL, Progress Testing has professionally refined the Hillsborough banks and combined their Non-Tested course banks with our Common Core banks to create a single bank that has the depth to satisfy your district’s assessment needs.

CTE Item Bank Description:

  • Student performance against SLOs
  • Student growth for VAM
  • Progress monitoring
  • Formative and summative assessment

The School District of Hillsborough County, FL, has a long history of end-of-course testing, having implemented it back in the late 1980s. When the Gates Foundation awarded the district an Empowering Effective Teachers grant, Hillsborough had the infrastructure in place to create test items that would be necessary for teacher evaluations.

Writing test questions is one of the hardest, most costly, and most time-consuming aspects of creating assessments. Let us help by providing your district with 65,000 items from which you can draw to create tests for the majority of nontested courses offered in your school district.

Download and review our CTE items.