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Common Core State Standards


English Language Arts

The ReadiBank ELA items cover grades 1-11.

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The ReadiBank Math items cover grades 1-HS.

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Next Generation Science Standards

The ReadiBank Science items cover grades 3-HS, including PEs, DCIs, CCs, and SEPs.

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Career and Technical Education

The ReadiBank CTE items cover approximately 1,000 nontested courses.

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State-Specific Social Studies Standards

The ReadiBank Social Studies items are developed for each state’s standards.

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Comprehensively Assess College and Career Readiness


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The ReadiBank offers school districts 110,000 items to comprehensively assess Common Core Math and ELA, NGSS, Social Studies, and CTE/Non-Tested standards.

ReadiBank Features
Create hundreds of formative and summative assessments.
Support the development of both pencil-and-paper and online tests to help ease students and teachers into a new era of assessment.
Display high-quality graphics created by professional illustrators in conjunction with a team of highly trained assessment writers and editors.
Eighty percent of the items are at a Depth of Knowledge (DOK) task of 2, 3, or 4.
All items are constructed to avoid bias; all contexts/scenarios are inclusive across gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion.
CTE/Non-Tested courses are tagged with appropriate CIP code(s).
Non-Tested items were written by teachers in eighth-largest school district in America.
Nearly 1,000 CTE/Non-Tested courses are covered.



College Readiness

The ReadiBank offers 45,000 all-new items for ELA CCSS, Math CCSS, NGSS Science, and Social Studies, including more than 10,000 Technology-Enhanced Items, ensuring your students will be ready.

Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
Grades 1 – 11 ELA Reading comprehension
Grades 3 – 11 ELA Editing task
Grades 3 – 11 ELA Writing prompts
Grades 1 – 8 Mathematics
Algebra 1 EOC
Geometry EOC
Algebra 2 EOC
Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
Grades 3-HS
Select State Social Studies Standards
California Grades 3 – 12
Georgia – Coming Soon
Alabama – Coming Soon
Ohio – Coming Soon
North Carolina – Coming Soon



Career Readiness

The ReadiBank offers 65,000 test items for CTE/Non-Tested courses – the only item bank of its kind in the entire nation!

CTE/Non-Tested Courses
All Non-Tested items were written by teachers in eighth-largest school district in America.
Nearly 1,000 courses are covered.
Items assess knowledge and skills taught in CTE and Non-Tested courses.
All courses are tagged with CIP codes for easy lookup.


The ReadiBank supports your schools district with all the metadata you need.

All ReadiBank items include the following metadata:
Item Type
CCSS, California State Standards, and/or NGSS Code
DOK/Cognitive Complexity Level
Recommended Grade Band
P-values (generated by your assessment platform software)



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The ReadiBank offers approximately 45,000 items that comprehensively assess Common Core State Standards (for Math and ELA) and Next Generation Science Standards, as well as Social Studies for select states. In addition, the ReadiBank offers 65,000 CTE/Non-tested items covering nearly 1,000 courses.