Item Types

Item Types for ALL Test-Delivery Formats


The ReadiBank offers approximately 45,000 items that comprehensively assess Common Core State Standards (for Math and ELA) and Next Generation Science Standards, as well as Social Studies for select states. In addition, the ReadiBank offers 65,000 CTE/Non-Tested items covering nearly 1,000 courses!

New Technology-Enhanced (TE) assessment items are exciting! We love to write them, and students love to answer them. But not every student has a device in their hands — at least not yet. Recognizing the dilemma that districts face when administering formative assessments this year, we at Progress Testing are releasing items that can be administered in paper and computer-based formats.

The following item types are now available within the ReadiBank:
PARCC and/or SBAC Item Types Deliverable
Equation Editor Print, Online
Hot Spot Online
Inline Choice, Dropdowns Online
Match, Matching Tables Online
Single Response, Single Correct Response Print, Online
Multiple Select / Choice, Multiple Correct Response Print, Online
Drag and Drop, Reorder Text Online
Prose Constructed Response (PCR), Short Text Print, Online
Technology-Enhanced Constructed Response (TECR) Online
Essay Response Print
Selectable Hot Text Online
Evidence-Based Selected Response (EBSR) Print, Online
Listening Task Online

The above item types can be administered online OR via paper and pencil and scored using scanners, document cameras, etc. Your district can use the technology that’s already in place while still effectively monitoring student progress.



Technology-Enhanced Items Types In Development


Bar Graph

Box Plot

Clock Tool

Composite Math Graph

Fraction Models

Picture Graph

Protractor Tool

Scatter Plot/Lines of Best Fit


Symmetry Tool

Zoom Number Line

Selecting Points

Single Parabola

Performance Tasks

Classroom Activities

Table Fill-In

Graphing Inequalities in the XY-Plane

Graphing Solutions on a Number Line

Graphing a Parabola with Three Points


The number of items available is dependent on the ability of each platform provider to support Technology-Enhanced Items. The ReadiBank is IMS Global QTI certified. Progress Testing is committed to supporting all stakeholders in developing interoperable solutions that support district efficiency.